Eat on Heroiv Nebesnoi Sotni Sq.

Eat on Heroiv Nebesnoi Sotni Sq.


Hearty Munich Breakfast
fried eggs served with German sausage or ham and light salad

Hummus Plate
ideal hummus can be vegan with vegetables or stewed mushrooms, or home-baked ham

Veal carpaccio
classic with arugula

Salmon carpaccio
with delictate creamy mustard sauce, Parmigiano and arugula

Bremen fish kebabs
seafood kebabs on a salad pillow

Quick meat
jamon, chorizo, boiled pork and various goodies

Quick fish
sliced salmon and butter with a variety of additions

Bowl of mussels with French fries
can be in a creamy sauce with notes of white wine or Norman with pieces of bacon and aroma of beer

Rollmops classic Norwegian
our chef barter this recipe for a bottle of vodka from the captain of the Norwegian vessel

Cheese plateau
five types of hard and soft cheeses with nuts, grapes and honey

Swiss fondue
national dish for two with white wine and crackers

Homemade marinades
homemade pickles with porcini mushrooms and capers

Porcini mushrooms for vodka
from the very heart of the Ukrainian Carpathians



warm German meat salad

classic recipe with three types of salad and chicken breast

Warm Kalp
tender spinach with slices of veal stewed in olive herbes and lightly toasted cherry tomatos wirh Spanish ham

With bursting veal
rucola, baked vegetables with specially cooked veal and parmesan crumbs

Garnelen Caesar
with the right sauce, royal shrimp and slices of salted salmon

Warm with Salmon
tender salad and arugula in citrus-nut sauce with slices of juicy salmon

traditional recipe with feta pickled in Provence herbes



Polish zhurek
traditional white soup with smoked ribs

Stop Bodun soup
home-made broth with giblets

Thick pea soup
traditional German soup

tender cheese soup with slices of salmon, messels and king shrimp

Cheese soup in bread
creamy-milk with chicken slices

Vegetable cream soup
light soup with green vegetables and vegetable cream

Hochzeit soup
traditional German wedding soup with pins and dumplings


Specialty hot dishes

Club Steak
300-350g, with green butter

Steak Filet Mignon
300-370 g, classic with sprig of rosemary

Baked pig's ribs
a huge piece of crisp pig ribs backed with honey

Singing Hans
special dish cooked of veal, pork and chicken with German garnish and sauces

Satisfied Burgher
singing special dish cooked of selected pork loin, ribs and flesh

salmon steaks, dollarfish, tilapia, tuna and pair of Odessa goby fish, served with baced vegetables

Lamb langet with summer lecho
juicy lamb on a pillow of stewed vegetables

Veal tournedos
veal medallions in ruddy bacon with patties and sauce

Baked veal ribs
juicy ribs with hints of beer and a tender smoothie

Beerlin roast*
tender slices of veal and vegetables, stewed in beer sauce

Pig tail
tender tenderloin with juicy bacon, ears of corn and souses

Turkey breasts
perfect lean meat with grilled vegetables and mustard sauce

Chicken fricassee
asparagus, carrots, paprika, slices of chicken breast, stewed in a gentle creamy sauce

Chicken croquettes
a modern interpretation of long-loved dish in the company of delicate mashed potatoes and baked vegetables

Salmon steak
baked in parchment with mashed potatoes or vegetables

Mackerel baked of one piece
the healthiest sea fish with grilled vegetables


With a mug of beer

Tsa-Tsa from Odessa
fish crispy nice for beer

Fried shripms
they are so perfect that recipe can be included in the will

large plate of beer snacks for a friendly company

Squid rings
slightly tempered rings with Provencal herbs and lemon

Chicken sticks
crisp fillet with honey-mustard sauce

Fried chaloumi
with mustard-honey sauce

Pig's ears
with mustard-honey sauce

Onion rings*
savory onion browned in beer batter served with tar-tar sauce

Beerlin's baked breads
baked bread with garlic sauce

Bavarian slices
potato wedges with sauce



Burgher's joy

tender pork knuckle to the old recipe of our German chef's grandmother, served with horseradish apples and stewed cabbage

Home-made sausages
tender sausages served with grilled vegetables and a sauce

Sausage mountain
traditional German frankfurters and specialty sausages with side dishes and sauces

German national
assortment of the tastiest German sausages with Bavarian potatoes and sauces

Bucket of chicken legs and wings
may be juicy or crunchy of your choice

Chicken wings
favorite recipe with bavarian potatoes



Home-made ice cream
caramel, pistachio, mint, chocolate, full-creeam

Chocolate fondue
in Colombian black, white, milk or black with red pepper chocolate, you can dip pineapple, banana and pear pieces

Apple strudel
delicious recipe

Totya Motya's sapid dessert
napoleon / honey cake / carrot cake / cheesecake - choose!


Dearest Guests!
There's a possibility to take your favourite courses takeaway.


Dishes marked with * are cooked using live beer.

Become a member of Beerlin's bonus programme. Ask a waiter about details.

According to article 3.8 of the "Rules of operating of the public catering establishments", a client is forbidden to bring foodstufs, alcohol and alcohol-free beverages.

Payment is made in national currency of Ukraine - hryvnia, in cash or on account.